jueves, junio 17


MCFLY are a Brit award winning British pop rock band who first found fame in 2004. The band consists of Tom Fletcher(guitar) Harry trun(drums) Danny Jones (guitar and lead vocal) Dougie(bass guitar amd backing vocals,this is the  sexiest man in London.) They are managed by Prestige Management .Their best album is "Room of the 3rd floor" and their best song is "Five colours in her hair",released in 2005 and the video is: " That girl". Danny started this group. They are all British except Harry who is from Dublin.

miércoles, junio 16

Miley Cyrus in Rock in Rio

The 6th of June Miley Cyrus went to Rock in Rio. Rock in Rio is a music festival that happens in Madrid once every two years. Miley Cyrus´s performance was at 9:30 p.m. it was GREAT !.
She sang lots of songs,from her last two albums and she sang three songs from her new record "cant be tamed"
It was the best day of my life, and I would definitely go to another one of her concerts.

Bon Jovi in Rock in Rio

Bon Jovi a very famous group of rock played in the opening of Rock in Rio. I didn`t see it live but I saw it on television and it was actually very good. One of the songs they sang were "This ain`t love" or "Its my life",etc. I really like rock its my favourite kind of music.

lunes, junio 14

Shakira in Rock in Rio

I didn't see Shakira's live concert, but I saw it on TV. She was the best, and she dances better than Rihana for example. I think that no one else moves on stage like Shakira.

jueves, junio 10

U2 in concert

Hi everyone! Here's a new topic for you: Write about a concert  you've  enjoyed.
Do you know the Irish band U2? They have been on tours all over the world. I've never been  to any of their concerts but I've  watched them on TV and I think they're great musicians.  Bono, the singer, is interested in Global Issues like Environment, poverty...
You can write a comment about a good show you've been to or open a new entry  with one or more pictures.  Click on this link if you want to see some of their performances and listen to their songs.   I hope you enjoy it!                  

viernes, junio 4

miércoles, mayo 26

What is the most important quality in a friend?

All of you have good friends. This is the question you have to comment today: What qualities do you think are more important in a friend? Honesty? Loyalty? Generosity? Kindness?...
I hope all of you participate writing your answers.
Have a good day!

martes, mayo 18

David de Gea

David De Gea Quintana was born in Madrid on 7th November,1910, but he lived in Illescas a village in Toledo.He played in a team of football of Casarrubuelos,only with 13 years he was very tall:1.73m.

He is a goalkeeper of the Atletico de madrid B but on September 30th 2009, he replaced  Roberto during the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in Oporto.His debut in bbwa was three days later and he scored a goal when he kicked a penalty. At the age of 19 he won the Europe league and the sub 17 in Cairo. He is a very good goalkeeper and a has a promising future. He won the final of Europe league against Fulham 2-1. Both goals scored by Diego Forlan.Today he is the first goalkeeper of the Atletico de Madrid

lunes, mayo 17

Jackie Chan

Chan was born in 1954 in Victoria Peak, in the former Crown colony of Hong Kong. In his movies, he is known for his acrobatic fighting style, comic etc. Jackie Chan started acting in 1970 and has over 100 films. Jackie Chan has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  His first movie was Hand of Death in 1976. His first Hollywood film was Battle Creek Brawl in 1980. He has made a lot of films of comedy, romantic, etc. In 2000, Chan hosted a fictionalised version of himself in the animated series Jackie Chan Adventures, which ran until 2005.  Chan voiced the character Master Monkey in the film Kung Fu Panda released in June 2008. The last film of Jackie Chan was on 22 June 2009, Chan left Los Angeles to begin filming The Karate Kid. Jackie Chan has a lot of music albums starting of the year 1980. The most important album when Chan released one of the two official Olympics albums, Official Album for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

Diego Forlan "Uruguayo"

Diego Forlan was born on 19 ... 1979 in Monteviedo, Uruguay . It is a football player of the Atletico de Madrid .He is a striker .His first debut was in the Independiente (Argentina).
He played four years in the Independiente team and scored fourty goals .Later he played in Manchester United another four years and scored seventeen goals .In 2004 he went to Villareal and scored fifty-nine goal and finally he has been playing in Atletico de Madrid since 2007 and  he has scored eighty- one goal .
In total he has played 447 matchs and has scored 197 goals .
he was seventy - seven times internacional, has won one Premier League , an community - shield , one Intertoto one UEFA League and has been Pichichi twice, another two UEFA and two Gold boot.


Mario Casas is one of my favourite actors too. He was born in Sardiñeira (Coruña). Mario debut in the cinema in 2006 with the movie, directed by Antonio Banderas, though his major success is thanks to his participation in the series of Spanish television "Los Hombres De Paco" In 2009 represents one very important year in his cinematographic career, on having led 2 of the most popular Spanish movies of the year: "Brain drain", with Amaia Salamanca, and Lies and fat women, with Yon Gonzalez, Ana Maria Polvorosa, Ana of Weapon or Hugo Silva. To emphasize that both managed to lead the national ticket office during the weekend of his premiere. Also it has taken part in SMS (Sin Miedo a Soñar) a serie of LaSexta. I also like it because he is so good-looking.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is one of my favourite actors. I think he did a brilliant performance in his role of Aragorn in the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". I also enjoyed "Alatriste" though it was a little weird to hear him speaking Spanish trying to hide his Argentinian accent!
His first film was Witness in 1985, directed by Peter Weir and starred by Harrison Ford.This film won an oscar for the best script. Vigo Mortensen played the role of an Amish young man in the community of Pensilvania.His last film is called "The Road" he plays the role of a father who has to help his son to survive in a post-apocaliptic world. 
Vigo loves football and he is a keen supporter of  the San Lorenzo de Almagro, he usually wears red and blue, the colours of his team!!

lunes, mayo 10


I like to get new clothes and these things, going shopping is not my hobby but I like it a little, not so much because when I am in the shop or  store i don´t know what to buy..... sometimes I take one of this one of that and when I am back home I see I've got a lot.... my mother says that is a lot because sometimes I  take very expensive clothes. My favourite colors are red, blue,  grey, (I like most of them) all colors are beautiful. I don´t like to wear suits (bleah!) They're uncomfortable. I know that girls are the ones who really love going shopping and fashion and this sort of things.....

My own Style

I like clothes but going shopping is very boring. My favourite colours are red,blue and black, I like T-shirts with abstract patterns and jeans.I don´t like woollen shirts.When my mother buys me a t-shirt she says: "look, it is very nice and very expensive! If I don't like it, I return it and I buy 2 or 3 with that money.WE DON´T HAVE THE SAME STYLE!

The Woman in White

This is the book we're reading this term. I'll ask questions for you to answer in comments below and then I'll write them back in this entry. Participate!!!
Complete the table:
  • Author:Wilkie Collins
  • Characters: Walter Hartrich, Laura Fairlie, Marian Halcombe, Anne Catherick, Mr. Fairlie, Sir Percival....
  • Setting
  • Place: London, Cumberland,...
  • Time: 1849-50
  • Narrators: Walter Hartich, Marian Halcombe
Describe the two sisters, Laura and Marian.

jueves, mayo 6

Narnia.the lion, the witch and the wardrobe

This book is about two brothers and two sisters who need to go to a house with a proffesor because in their city they were in war.Playing  hide and seek the little sister Lucy found a fantastic city in the wardrobe.
Then the four brothers found the fantastic city and then lived many adventures because they were the kings of Narnia and need to fight against the White witch .

jueves, abril 29


Last Tuesday, 27 April you saw the film Up in Tres Aguas. Write a short review of the film and give your opinion.

miércoles, abril 28

Congratulations English Extension Group

A group of students of bachillerato have been chosen finalists in a blog contest. Visit their blog (you just click here) and write a comment encouraging them to go on with their good work. I hope they'll be the winners!!
Thank you for your contribution.

martes, abril 27

The Lightning Thief

My favourite book is Percy Jackson and the thief of the lightning. It's about a sixteen- year-old child called Percy, who is the son of Poseidon and has special powers with water and has to recover the lightning of Zeus or if not a war between the gods Zeus and Poseidon will start. It's a interesting story of adventure.

lunes, abril 26

Idhún Memories

Idhun memories is a book of fantasy which narrates the story of three young children who are going to change the future of Idhun, a magic worldwhere sheks, dragons, unicorns, szish, humans, yans.... live.
These creatures are controlled by Ashran,The Nigromant. Victoria and Jack is going to survive above love, hate, feelings that have to kill them, he has to rebel against his race and to his beliefs only to obtain the Victoria's love.
It is a very good story by Laura Gallego Garcia. The book has three parts: The resistance,Triad and Pantheon. There are aso comics.
If you want to read more of this author I give you others books:
Finis Mundi, Dos velas para el diablo or Las cronicas de la Torre.

Bel: Love beyond Death.

Actually, I have not read this book, I have only read the first chapter, but I already know about the story.

Bel is a girl who dies without knowing. She has a boyfriend, Isma who is in hospital .. "in a coma"..For it comes .. " love beyond the death ". The little that I have read, I liked it enough. I consider it to be a book of love, and simultaneously mystery. Since I like the stories.. http://img.papelenblanco.com/2009/09/bel.jpg

viernes, abril 23

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Hello, my favorite book is called "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas." A German family go away from Berlin because the father is a captain of Hitler, they go to Auschwitz: the boy's name is Bruno, and his sister Gretel. Bruno gets very bored because he did not have anyone to play with until one day he escapes and goes to play with the swing and he sees a great electrical fence and on the other side many people all wearing the same clothes: striped pyjamas. Bruno became friend of another Jewish child and every morning went to visit him and take him food.One day the Samuel, the Jewish invites him to go on the other side of the fence and the child dresses like them to find the parents of Shamuel and...

jueves, abril 22

New Moon,(Twilight)

Paradise End.

Hello, my favourite book is called Paradise End. It is a very exciting book. It is a book of mystery about a girl called Lia and she always looks at an enormous magical house called "Paradise End" and she wishes to go in but when she meets the girl that lives in the house she discovers that what's inside the house isn't as wonderful as on the outside.

Cuando Hitler robó el conejo rosa

This is my fauvorite book: "When Hitler stole the pink rabbit". It's a story of a Jewish family who need to go out of Germany because Hitler was going to win the elections. First, the father leaves Germany. Later the family go out with him to Switzerland. Later they go to Paris, in Paris they have many friends.They lived many adventures. Finally they go to live in London


I like this book very much because it has lot of funny things and adventures.
I recommend it to children between 10 to 14. It is about a mouse family that are so clever.
It also has lots of information about mice and I have bought the second one at school; and it is called "En el reino de la fantasia" and the book has scents so you can smell them.

Diary Of Greg

It's about a boy who goes to high school .... The book is very funny and I recommend it to you. It has a lot of illustrations. I enjoyed reading it
because it's like a comic and I love comics. If you like comics this is a very good book. A big part of the book humor is how Greg can't keep himself out of trouble and why his parents, teachers and friends are upset with him. Greg mistreats his underdog friend Rowley more than a few times, but this comes back to haunt him. Greg's parents try hard to lead him in the right direction; his mom is especially formidable in a few situations. Rowley's dad looks up video games on a parent Web site to see if they have too much violence.

lunes, abril 19


I go to Alcoceber in Alicante. I like its beaches, the people, the food and the landscape. Last year I went to see some ruins that were buried in the sea. I enjoyed this day very much. Another day I went to Valencia to see the museum of natural science, another day I visited a village near Alcoceber and had a bath in a lake that was cold on the surface but if you were submerging it was warm. I like to bath very much in this type of water

I had read many books by Delibes years ago but I read this one after the author's recent death. I enjoyed reading it very much because it is very realistic and full of humour. I also liked it because Lorenzo, the main character reminds me of my father, who was also very fond of hunting. The language is very rich with lots of colloquial expressions which transport me to my childhood in a town of Castilla.
I recommend you to read it but have a dictionary at hand, I'm sure you'll need it!!

viernes, abril 16

The Illusionist

I hope you all enjoyed watching this film. Here are some questions for you. You can answer one, two or the three of them:

1. Do you think Eisenheim had a special power?
2. What part of the story did you like most?
3.Narrate the legend of Excalibur.

martes, abril 13

Pasarilla del Rebollar

My favourite place is my mother's village, it's called Pasarilla del Rebollar, in Avila .
It's very small, there are only 7 people in winter but in summer there are over 100 people . I always go in the summer and at Christmas. When I go I play with my cousins or with my friends Jose, Agustin and Cesar ; they are older than me. If I am alone I go to another village nearby by bike .
Also I like Pasarilla because it's on the mountain and I can do lots of things.

miércoles, abril 7

Navacerrada: "De pino a pino"

My Easter Holidays were a little bit boring. The greatest day was one thursday, because I went to "De Pino a Pino". It is an adventure park that consists of some difficult steps and some zip lines, but you can't fall down, because you have some harness to help you. It was fantastic!! There is a photograph of the greatest thing; the biggest zip line. You need to cross it about one minute.
I recommend everyone to go. It is in Navacerrada, Navafría o Revenga.
I went to the first one and it was fantastic!!

martes, abril 6

Easter Holidays

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. This is a picture of my town, Aguilar de Campóo. It's in the North of Palencia, near Cantabria. I spent Easter there with my family. In this picture you can see the river Pisuerga and the tower of the church of San Miguel. There's also a castle, a monastery and a reservoir with an artificial sandy beach, but what makes Aguilar unique is the scent of baked buiscuits which lingers in the air... it comes from the Fontaneda and Gullón factories.
What about you? Is there any place you usually go on holiday?

lunes, marzo 29

Easter in Europe

Hi again everyone! Here's some work for you to do, only if you want to.

Find information about Easter traditions in European countries and write a little about it.

Why do you think people buy chocolate eggs?

jueves, marzo 25

Holiday plans

I hope you all enjoy your Easter holidays. Write a little about what your plans for these days.

martes, marzo 23


I hope you all enjoyed your visit to Faunia. Here is a question for you to write a comment: Do you think wild animals should be kept in captivity?
I want to know your opinion.

miércoles, marzo 17

My favourite dessert!

My favourite dessert is brownie.

These are the ingredients:
-100g of flower-110g of sugar-4 eggs-100g of nuts-125g of chocolate for desserts-125g of butter
And you can put or ice-cream or yogurt

I like brownies a lot, but in a place,which are delicious,is in the Fosters Holliwood!!I recommend it!!

martes, marzo 16

The Coming of the Fairies

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in Spiritualism and he believed in fairies. What about you?
We want to know your opinion. Write a comment telling us !

viernes, marzo 12

My favourite dessert

This is my favourite dessert. It is called "Chocolate berry"
As you can see it's got stawberries, blackberries & various kinds of chocolate.
What's your favourite dessert? Try to illustrate it so we can see it.

jueves, marzo 11

Gran Torino

Hi everyone! Here you have a new task:

Write a short review of the film "Gran Torino.
Remember: don't give away the ending!!

lunes, marzo 8


Write a paragraph about your favourite sport. If it's a team sport don't forget to explain the rules

viernes, marzo 5

A Taste of New York City

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog. I hope you will participate and enjoy practising your English.
Our first activity will be to write about food in New York.
Get engaged!!!