lunes, mayo 17


Mario Casas is one of my favourite actors too. He was born in Sardiñeira (Coruña). Mario debut in the cinema in 2006 with the movie, directed by Antonio Banderas, though his major success is thanks to his participation in the series of Spanish television "Los Hombres De Paco" In 2009 represents one very important year in his cinematographic career, on having led 2 of the most popular Spanish movies of the year: "Brain drain", with Amaia Salamanca, and Lies and fat women, with Yon Gonzalez, Ana Maria Polvorosa, Ana of Weapon or Hugo Silva. To emphasize that both managed to lead the national ticket office during the weekend of his premiere. Also it has taken part in SMS (Sin Miedo a Soñar) a serie of LaSexta. I also like it because he is so good-looking.

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