lunes, mayo 17

Diego Forlan "Uruguayo"

Diego Forlan was born on 19 ... 1979 in Monteviedo, Uruguay . It is a football player of the Atletico de Madrid .He is a striker .His first debut was in the Independiente (Argentina).
He played four years in the Independiente team and scored fourty goals .Later he played in Manchester United another four years and scored seventeen goals .In 2004 he went to Villareal and scored fifty-nine goal and finally he has been playing in Atletico de Madrid since 2007 and  he has scored eighty- one goal .
In total he has played 447 matchs and has scored 197 goals .
he was seventy - seven times internacional, has won one Premier League , an community - shield , one Intertoto one UEFA League and has been Pichichi twice, another two UEFA and two Gold boot.

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  1. You are so intelligent for chosing an Atletico de Madrid player =)

  2. Forlan is the best,Carlos.You chouse a very good celebritie.