martes, abril 6

Easter Holidays

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. This is a picture of my town, Aguilar de Campóo. It's in the North of Palencia, near Cantabria. I spent Easter there with my family. In this picture you can see the river Pisuerga and the tower of the church of San Miguel. There's also a castle, a monastery and a reservoir with an artificial sandy beach, but what makes Aguilar unique is the scent of baked buiscuits which lingers in the air... it comes from the Fontaneda and Gullón factories.
What about you? Is there any place you usually go on holiday?

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  1. I don´t go anyway I stay in home so i don´t have nothing to say...... I sometimes go to Romania but in holidays like this very small i go to..... i don´t know...... sometimes to see madrid...

  2. in summer holidays I go to galicia but thelast year i went to my village with my cousin

  3. These easter I went to maroco.I have a lot of hours in the car by also I liked a lot I hope next year I can go again.
    Now I´am going to tell us what I do: I rode a camel,I fell on wire,I swam in the swiming pool and specially the cause of the trip was to deliver materials to poor school and families that has nathing to live.

  4. It sounds great Malena a wonderful experience.

    Yeray!!! Welcome to the blog. Galicia is beautiful.

  5. In the summer holidays I will go away to alicante specially to (alcoceber) that this(this one) enough near murcia, I me charmed with bathing in the beach and that my brother drowns(suffocates) me and stick