jueves, marzo 11

Gran Torino

Hi everyone! Here you have a new task:

Write a short review of the film "Gran Torino.
Remember: don't give away the ending!!

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    It is a very good film. It talks about how a man hate people from other countries, and later, he save them from lots of difficult situations, but hates his family too.
    He live alone because his wife dead in the bigining of the film.
    Also talks about the problems you submit to your family if you belong to a gang.

  2. I'm glad to see you're so enthusiastic and participative, Laura.
    Notice that the 3rd singular person ends in -S!!:
    A man HATES
    He SAVES
    He LIVES

  3. Gran Torino:

    It´s was a very beautiful film,but was a little sad.
    They are all in figth,but is the fault of one idiot!(the cousin of Thao)
    Thao was a very shy person,but it was very intelligent,her sister Sue,was very intelligent,more than Thao.
    The cousin of Thao tries to bother him doing bad(wrong) things with his(her,your) family, like for example staining his sister.
    And they occur lot of things.

  4. Walt was so so funny because he call Thao "Atontao,, and a girl that her name was Yogua or something like that he call "Yogur,, And more things.... I recomend this film is veryy good i like it..

  5. Topciu maybe some of the things were funny sometimes but I wouldnt describe the fil as I funny film.
    I think it was a very sad film ):

  6. i think like Lily.Maybe is not a very sad film but either is not a fany one.

  7. it is a good film but the end was sad.The principal character was a man that hade people of other countries but to the end Walt liked this people

  8. I don´t say that the FILM was funny I said that WALT was funny .... sometimes.... The film was a little sad. BYE..

  9. I think that Gran Torino is a sad movie but has some funny points. I also think that the protagonist should not have died at the end because in the end learns that foreing people is they have rights that people in the city

  10. oskitar: Walt is going to die anyway you see when he spit blood and when he go to the doctor and gives these papers so..... anyway he is going to die ...... and he die for thao and his family because the cousin of thao can´t go to the jail because they don´t kill anyone and to go to the jail they need to kill someone..... Bye.....

  11. i think that gran torino is a very good film but is so sad