martes, abril 13

Pasarilla del Rebollar

My favourite place is my mother's village, it's called Pasarilla del Rebollar, in Avila .
It's very small, there are only 7 people in winter but in summer there are over 100 people . I always go in the summer and at Christmas. When I go I play with my cousins or with my friends Jose, Agustin and Cesar ; they are older than me. If I am alone I go to another village nearby by bike .
Also I like Pasarilla because it's on the mountain and I can do lots of things.

5 comentarios:

  1. Well done Aitor! Your mum's village looks really peaceful. I have corrected a few things of your writing.

  2. Yes, you're right Carlos, I thought it was Aitor. So... well done Carlos!

  3. Carlos when are you going to bring me to your village because i want to see it It looks veryyy...... like natural...:D BYE