viernes, marzo 12

My favourite dessert

This is my favourite dessert. It is called "Chocolate berry"
As you can see it's got stawberries, blackberries & various kinds of chocolate.
What's your favourite dessert? Try to illustrate it so we can see it.

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    My favourite dessert is tiramissu. Ilike the one my mother cooks.
    The ingredients are:
    -Four egg whites
    -Four egg yolks
    -Two units in tub mascarpone cheese
    -100 Grams of icing
    -250 Grams of biscuits soletilla
    -Two cups of coffee
    -Cocoa for dusting
    She cooks it like this:
    Beat the egg whites until stiff and reserved. In a bowl beat them besides the egg yolks with the mascarpone cheese and sugar until you get a fine cream. This cream will gradually add the egg whites while beating.
    Dip the biscuits with coffee. We put these cookies in another vessel, to cover bottom.
    We add a thick layer of cream over the biscuits. We put back a layer of biscuits and another of the remaining whipped cream.
    Finally sprinkle cocoa on top.
    That's it!

  2. It sounds delicious Laura, I love Tiramisu and I also por a splash of liquor "Amareto" in the coffee.

  3. Mi favourite dessert is trikle sponge it is delicious I have it on my birthdays.On my last birthday all my friends had it and they LOVED it !!

  4. Lily why you don´t brought a piece :D... My mother also cook tiramissu and its delicious.. Bye

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  6. haha Topciu !!
    I would like to bring a piece !!
    how can a put a photo of it ¿? :S

  7. my favourite dessert is the tarta de santiago.Is a very good dessert.

  8. my favorite dessert is like a sponge of chocolate