lunes, marzo 29

Easter in Europe

Hi again everyone! Here's some work for you to do, only if you want to.

Find information about Easter traditions in European countries and write a little about it.

Why do you think people buy chocolate eggs?

jueves, marzo 25

Holiday plans

I hope you all enjoy your Easter holidays. Write a little about what your plans for these days.

martes, marzo 23


I hope you all enjoyed your visit to Faunia. Here is a question for you to write a comment: Do you think wild animals should be kept in captivity?
I want to know your opinion.

miércoles, marzo 17

My favourite dessert!

My favourite dessert is brownie.

These are the ingredients:
-100g of flower-110g of sugar-4 eggs-100g of nuts-125g of chocolate for desserts-125g of butter
And you can put or ice-cream or yogurt

I like brownies a lot, but in a place,which are delicious,is in the Fosters Holliwood!!I recommend it!!

martes, marzo 16

The Coming of the Fairies

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle believed in Spiritualism and he believed in fairies. What about you?
We want to know your opinion. Write a comment telling us !

viernes, marzo 12

My favourite dessert

This is my favourite dessert. It is called "Chocolate berry"
As you can see it's got stawberries, blackberries & various kinds of chocolate.
What's your favourite dessert? Try to illustrate it so we can see it.

jueves, marzo 11

Gran Torino

Hi everyone! Here you have a new task:

Write a short review of the film "Gran Torino.
Remember: don't give away the ending!!

lunes, marzo 8


Write a paragraph about your favourite sport. If it's a team sport don't forget to explain the rules

viernes, marzo 5

A Taste of New York City

Hi everyone! Welcome to this blog. I hope you will participate and enjoy practising your English.
Our first activity will be to write about food in New York.
Get engaged!!!