jueves, abril 29


Last Tuesday, 27 April you saw the film Up in Tres Aguas. Write a short review of the film and give your opinion.

miércoles, abril 28

Congratulations English Extension Group

A group of students of bachillerato have been chosen finalists in a blog contest. Visit their blog (you just click here) and write a comment encouraging them to go on with their good work. I hope they'll be the winners!!
Thank you for your contribution.

martes, abril 27

The Lightning Thief

My favourite book is Percy Jackson and the thief of the lightning. It's about a sixteen- year-old child called Percy, who is the son of Poseidon and has special powers with water and has to recover the lightning of Zeus or if not a war between the gods Zeus and Poseidon will start. It's a interesting story of adventure.

lunes, abril 26

Idhún Memories

Idhun memories is a book of fantasy which narrates the story of three young children who are going to change the future of Idhun, a magic worldwhere sheks, dragons, unicorns, szish, humans, yans.... live.
These creatures are controlled by Ashran,The Nigromant. Victoria and Jack is going to survive above love, hate, feelings that have to kill them, he has to rebel against his race and to his beliefs only to obtain the Victoria's love.
It is a very good story by Laura Gallego Garcia. The book has three parts: The resistance,Triad and Pantheon. There are aso comics.
If you want to read more of this author I give you others books:
Finis Mundi, Dos velas para el diablo or Las cronicas de la Torre.

Bel: Love beyond Death.

Actually, I have not read this book, I have only read the first chapter, but I already know about the story.

Bel is a girl who dies without knowing. She has a boyfriend, Isma who is in hospital .. "in a coma"..For it comes .. " love beyond the death ". The little that I have read, I liked it enough. I consider it to be a book of love, and simultaneously mystery. Since I like the stories.. http://img.papelenblanco.com/2009/09/bel.jpg

viernes, abril 23

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Hello, my favorite book is called "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas." A German family go away from Berlin because the father is a captain of Hitler, they go to Auschwitz: the boy's name is Bruno, and his sister Gretel. Bruno gets very bored because he did not have anyone to play with until one day he escapes and goes to play with the swing and he sees a great electrical fence and on the other side many people all wearing the same clothes: striped pyjamas. Bruno became friend of another Jewish child and every morning went to visit him and take him food.One day the Samuel, the Jewish invites him to go on the other side of the fence and the child dresses like them to find the parents of Shamuel and...

jueves, abril 22

New Moon,(Twilight)

Paradise End.

Hello, my favourite book is called Paradise End. It is a very exciting book. It is a book of mystery about a girl called Lia and she always looks at an enormous magical house called "Paradise End" and she wishes to go in but when she meets the girl that lives in the house she discovers that what's inside the house isn't as wonderful as on the outside.

Cuando Hitler robó el conejo rosa

This is my fauvorite book: "When Hitler stole the pink rabbit". It's a story of a Jewish family who need to go out of Germany because Hitler was going to win the elections. First, the father leaves Germany. Later the family go out with him to Switzerland. Later they go to Paris, in Paris they have many friends.They lived many adventures. Finally they go to live in London


I like this book very much because it has lot of funny things and adventures.
I recommend it to children between 10 to 14. It is about a mouse family that are so clever.
It also has lots of information about mice and I have bought the second one at school; and it is called "En el reino de la fantasia" and the book has scents so you can smell them.

Diary Of Greg

It's about a boy who goes to high school .... The book is very funny and I recommend it to you. It has a lot of illustrations. I enjoyed reading it
because it's like a comic and I love comics. If you like comics this is a very good book. A big part of the book humor is how Greg can't keep himself out of trouble and why his parents, teachers and friends are upset with him. Greg mistreats his underdog friend Rowley more than a few times, but this comes back to haunt him. Greg's parents try hard to lead him in the right direction; his mom is especially formidable in a few situations. Rowley's dad looks up video games on a parent Web site to see if they have too much violence.

lunes, abril 19


I go to Alcoceber in Alicante. I like its beaches, the people, the food and the landscape. Last year I went to see some ruins that were buried in the sea. I enjoyed this day very much. Another day I went to Valencia to see the museum of natural science, another day I visited a village near Alcoceber and had a bath in a lake that was cold on the surface but if you were submerging it was warm. I like to bath very much in this type of water

I had read many books by Delibes years ago but I read this one after the author's recent death. I enjoyed reading it very much because it is very realistic and full of humour. I also liked it because Lorenzo, the main character reminds me of my father, who was also very fond of hunting. The language is very rich with lots of colloquial expressions which transport me to my childhood in a town of Castilla.
I recommend you to read it but have a dictionary at hand, I'm sure you'll need it!!

viernes, abril 16

The Illusionist

I hope you all enjoyed watching this film. Here are some questions for you. You can answer one, two or the three of them:

1. Do you think Eisenheim had a special power?
2. What part of the story did you like most?
3.Narrate the legend of Excalibur.

martes, abril 13

Pasarilla del Rebollar

My favourite place is my mother's village, it's called Pasarilla del Rebollar, in Avila .
It's very small, there are only 7 people in winter but in summer there are over 100 people . I always go in the summer and at Christmas. When I go I play with my cousins or with my friends Jose, Agustin and Cesar ; they are older than me. If I am alone I go to another village nearby by bike .
Also I like Pasarilla because it's on the mountain and I can do lots of things.

miércoles, abril 7

Navacerrada: "De pino a pino"

My Easter Holidays were a little bit boring. The greatest day was one thursday, because I went to "De Pino a Pino". It is an adventure park that consists of some difficult steps and some zip lines, but you can't fall down, because you have some harness to help you. It was fantastic!! There is a photograph of the greatest thing; the biggest zip line. You need to cross it about one minute.
I recommend everyone to go. It is in Navacerrada, Navafría o Revenga.
I went to the first one and it was fantastic!!

martes, abril 6

Easter Holidays

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. This is a picture of my town, Aguilar de Campóo. It's in the North of Palencia, near Cantabria. I spent Easter there with my family. In this picture you can see the river Pisuerga and the tower of the church of San Miguel. There's also a castle, a monastery and a reservoir with an artificial sandy beach, but what makes Aguilar unique is the scent of baked buiscuits which lingers in the air... it comes from the Fontaneda and Gullón factories.
What about you? Is there any place you usually go on holiday?