jueves, junio 17


MCFLY are a Brit award winning British pop rock band who first found fame in 2004. The band consists of Tom Fletcher(guitar) Harry trun(drums) Danny Jones (guitar and lead vocal) Dougie(bass guitar amd backing vocals,this is the  sexiest man in London.) They are managed by Prestige Management .Their best album is "Room of the 3rd floor" and their best song is "Five colours in her hair",released in 2005 and the video is: " That girl". Danny started this group. They are all British except Harry who is from Dublin.

miércoles, junio 16

Miley Cyrus in Rock in Rio

The 6th of June Miley Cyrus went to Rock in Rio. Rock in Rio is a music festival that happens in Madrid once every two years. Miley Cyrus´s performance was at 9:30 p.m. it was GREAT !.
She sang lots of songs,from her last two albums and she sang three songs from her new record "cant be tamed"
It was the best day of my life, and I would definitely go to another one of her concerts.

Bon Jovi in Rock in Rio

Bon Jovi a very famous group of rock played in the opening of Rock in Rio. I didn`t see it live but I saw it on television and it was actually very good. One of the songs they sang were "This ain`t love" or "Its my life",etc. I really like rock its my favourite kind of music.

lunes, junio 14

Shakira in Rock in Rio

I didn't see Shakira's live concert, but I saw it on TV. She was the best, and she dances better than Rihana for example. I think that no one else moves on stage like Shakira.

jueves, junio 10

U2 in concert

Hi everyone! Here's a new topic for you: Write about a concert  you've  enjoyed.
Do you know the Irish band U2? They have been on tours all over the world. I've never been  to any of their concerts but I've  watched them on TV and I think they're great musicians.  Bono, the singer, is interested in Global Issues like Environment, poverty...
You can write a comment about a good show you've been to or open a new entry  with one or more pictures.  Click on this link if you want to see some of their performances and listen to their songs.   I hope you enjoy it!                  

viernes, junio 4