lunes, abril 26

Idhún Memories

Idhun memories is a book of fantasy which narrates the story of three young children who are going to change the future of Idhun, a magic worldwhere sheks, dragons, unicorns, szish, humans, yans.... live.
These creatures are controlled by Ashran,The Nigromant. Victoria and Jack is going to survive above love, hate, feelings that have to kill them, he has to rebel against his race and to his beliefs only to obtain the Victoria's love.
It is a very good story by Laura Gallego Garcia. The book has three parts: The resistance,Triad and Pantheon. There are aso comics.
If you want to read more of this author I give you others books:
Finis Mundi, Dos velas para el diablo or Las cronicas de la Torre.

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  1. Well done Andrea, did you know that Laura Gállego came to visist our school two years ago? Students enjoyed inmensely asking her questions about her books.