miércoles, abril 7

Navacerrada: "De pino a pino"

My Easter Holidays were a little bit boring. The greatest day was one thursday, because I went to "De Pino a Pino". It is an adventure park that consists of some difficult steps and some zip lines, but you can't fall down, because you have some harness to help you. It was fantastic!! There is a photograph of the greatest thing; the biggest zip line. You need to cross it about one minute.
I recommend everyone to go. It is in Navacerrada, Navafría o Revenga.
I went to the first one and it was fantastic!!

3 comentarios:

  1. I want to go because i like very very much the aventures.....Me i get boring in house all the holidays :D...BYE

  2. it looks very interesting,Laura.i will like to go to have a good time

  3. I really enjoy Navacerrada.
    I thing it`s a verry interesting place and to funny