martes, mayo 18

David de Gea

David De Gea Quintana was born in Madrid on 7th November,1910, but he lived in Illescas a village in Toledo.He played in a team of football of Casarrubuelos,only with 13 years he was very tall:1.73m.

He is a goalkeeper of the Atletico de madrid B but on September 30th 2009, he replaced  Roberto during the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in Oporto.His debut in bbwa was three days later and he scored a goal when he kicked a penalty. At the age of 19 he won the Europe league and the sub 17 in Cairo. He is a very good goalkeeper and a has a promising future. He won the final of Europe league against Fulham 2-1. Both goals scored by Diego Forlan.Today he is the first goalkeeper of the Atletico de Madrid

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  1. You are so inteligent fot chosing an Atletico de Madrid "player" =)

  2. I am very fanatic of Camila Salazar is very pretty and good person.
    She is tall and its haves blue eyes.
    Its a famous person in Argentina and she work in my 2 favourites (series).
    I realy realy liked

  3. Noelia, thanks for trying but notice this:
    I don't think Camila would like to be called "it", This is the correct sentence:
    "she has blue eyes".
    Also remember the third person -s!!:
    "she works"
    and your last sentence should be:
    "and I really, really like her"

  4. i like your celebrity because he is a player of the At.MADRID,Aitor.Is agood election.

  5. Yes, I think the Atletic deserves winning...let's wish them good luck this evening in Barcelona. AUPA EL ATLETI!!!