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Easter in Europe

Hi again everyone! Here's some work for you to do, only if you want to.

Find information about Easter traditions in European countries and write a little about it.

Why do you think people buy chocolate eggs?

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  1. I am going to write about EASTER TRADITIONS in ROMANIA
    Easter is the most important celebration of the Romanian people and it is preceded by numerous preparations and rituals:

    Palm Day (Flowers Day):A week before the Easter, the Flowers Day (Romanian: “Florii”) is celebrated. This was initially dedicated to the Roman goddess Flora, but then it was celebrated in the memory of the Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem.......

    Great Thursday:Most of the women paint the eggs on the Great Thursday. In Walachia the eggs are painted on Wednesday and taken to the church on Thursday. They are let there until the Easter, as it is believed that they won’t alter. In other regions, twelve red painted eggs are taken to the church until the Easter and they are buried then at the village boundaries, so that the hail wouldn’t come upon it......

    Great Friday:The Friday before the Easter is called the Great Friday. Also named “the Friday of sufferings”, it is the day when Jesus was crucified. People don’t eat on this day, as it is believed that doing that they will be healthy and they will know they’ll dye three days before. People go to church to confess.......

    Easter:It’s a must for the people to have a clean house and have all the ritual foods ready. This is why the cleaning starts on Great Thursday. Men, who are usually working in the field or at the forest, will remain home starting with this day and will take out the thrash, fix the fence, cut wood, bring water, butcher the lambs. Women are the ones that paint and decorate the eggs, do the laundry and generally clean the house.......

    Small fountain:In some regions, on the Friday before the Easter week, water springs are searched for, wells are built and cleaned. All these are done as it is believed that those springs and fountain will have plenty of water and won’t dry.......

    BYE..... I hope you enjoy....

  2. Most interesting David, we all can learn a lot from your writing. Good work!!

  3. i am going to talk about easter in Paris: What i know is that they dont make a very big celebration like in Romania. They work and go to school all the days escept the 5 of April.French people dont have holidays or something like that.So if they dont really beilive in Easter,they couldent have so mach traditions.Procession arent tipical there.It so boring!Ofcourse,i want to say that chocoolate eggs,in religion,are use like a simbol of live.So is comun to this period because is the start of the primaveral time.But i think that most of the people buy eggs because is a tipical tradition.
    I like so much easter in Romania,David. They have many celebration!But what do you like more, Easter in Romania or in Spain?


    Easter is a religious holiday of great tradition in our country. It is celebrated in every town in Spain and there are many Spanish and foreign tourists who travel to visit and enjoy this tradition.
    The timing in our country is characterized by its religious character. After Christmas and Carnival, we Lent that is held annually depending on the liturgical calendar and after 40 days of Lent begins gathering of Holy Week, which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus.
    Among all the weeks of the year, the most important for Christians is Easter. The Church, to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, sanctifies and renews itself.
    From the Christian point of view, Easter, formerly called "Holy Week" or "big week" is the week that commemorates the Passion of Christ. It consists of two parts: the end of Lent (Palm Sunday to Easter Wednesday) and the Easter Triduum (Thursday, Friday and Saturday-Sunday). It is the most intense time of the entire liturgical year, and that has permeated so deeply into popular Catholicism.
    Easter is celebrated in Spain in different ways depending on the character and traditions of each area. The austerity and silence of the celebrations of the Castilian towns contrasts with the waste of light and color of the celebrations in Andalusia and Levante.
    The Easter processions take place in many cities in Spain, starting on Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday. The steps and the fraternities are the processions that go through the different streets of our country.
    We can say that Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday (the Sunday before resurrection), in this day celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. The procession is held in honor of Christ the King.
    The second part of Holy Week consists of the Easter Triduum, which commemorates, step by step, the last events of Jesus' life, developed in three days

  5. Well done Laura, you've done a good work, I think it's very important That we don't forget our traditions.

  6. I dont know andreea i think , the most important think was that Jesus resucited for us not the celebrations.... I think i like in romania that we have a lot of things .....Bye