jueves, abril 22

Diary Of Greg

It's about a boy who goes to high school .... The book is very funny and I recommend it to you. It has a lot of illustrations. I enjoyed reading it
because it's like a comic and I love comics. If you like comics this is a very good book. A big part of the book humor is how Greg can't keep himself out of trouble and why his parents, teachers and friends are upset with him. Greg mistreats his underdog friend Rowley more than a few times, but this comes back to haunt him. Greg's parents try hard to lead him in the right direction; his mom is especially formidable in a few situations. Rowley's dad looks up video games on a parent Web site to see if they have too much violence.

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  1. Well done Topciu. I have corrected a few things, but your book review is quite well writen on the whole.